Beautiful and peaceful place nestled in the stunning National Park Los Haitises in the Dominican Republic

Breathtaking Natural Swimming Pools

Healthy and refreshing water

Visiting with Booking Adventures the  pools that are totally biological with no need for chlorine or chemicals that develops its own natural ecology and balanced eco-system by being designed and built in a certain way. When the balance is achieved the water is naturally clear like in a mountain lake.

Enjoy natural eco pools that blend beautifully into the landscape with your family or guests.


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[usp heading=”Check-in 24 Hour” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-map-marker”]Free drinking water and coffee are offered throughout the day[/usp]
[usp heading=”Hot Water” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-shower”]This natural and authentic hotel provides hot water in all rooms.[/usp]
[usp heading=”Tour offers for our guests” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-handshake-o”]We have special offers of Tours & Excursions for our guests[/usp]
[usp heading=”Private parking” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-car”]Free secured parking for your car or moto[/usp]

Enjoy a nighttime bonfire under a blanket of stars… no light pollution just a dark night sky and the sounds of a tropical forest alive.

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Los Haitises National Park Tours

MANGROVIE los haitises

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